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Know The Difference Between Electronic Cigarettes And Real Cigars

Still, the electronic cigarette is somewhat a new product in world of electronic cigars. The absence of its room destroying stink is the biggest difference between electronic cigar and a real cigar. These types of electronic devices actually feel and look just like a real cigar and make it possible to enjoy fine tasting cigar at any place that you want. A typical cigar smoker isn’t going to be won over easily making electronic cigars to do more efforts in the market.

And according to those who have utilized electronic cigar for the first time, they have noticed immediately its realistic quality of both the wrapper and packaging. Only to be certain that they are going to look as real as possible before you could even pick it up the package, a big number of electronic cigar vendors spend extra bucks for it. Truth is, even the weight balance and the feeling of paper added to overall feel and look of the original.

From a short distance, it is almost impossible to see differences of these devices from real ones. And the only thing that gives them away is lack of ash and smoke. Actually, majority of the ecigars are disposable and can last for months before they’re used up. Apart from that, this comes with an LED tip that is partially hidden behind some sort type of screen in an effort to mimic a real cigar’s ash. Electronic cigars have become a popular product mainly because of the convenience it offers of smoking without having to upset others. Oftentimes, only those who smoke cigars admire the smell of a cigarette.
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When having a poker game or when you are at a bar but, that day has come and gone, it is really nice to puff a tobacco cigar indoors. Today, the real test to any ecigar is of course the vapor and flavor test. A cigar is able to produce huge amount of smoke and creates a distinctive smell and taste. In essence, ecigars should be able to replicate much of the experience that cigars provide and also, produce lots of vapor and flavor. Also ecigar has to address the unique way a cigar is inhaled and puffed.
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A good electronic cigarette is able to create a strong flavor for the users but others in the room will not be able to smell anything. Actually, many have been amazed with the flavors of an e-cigarette because of the reason that it is close to real ones and could be tasted in the nose and mouth. And this has made electronic cigarette to be like real cigars too.